Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New and Exciting Products

Well I have been checking out every ones blogs lately and have found some wonderfully exciting products which I would love to use in my house.... however most of these are not yet available in Australia but hopefully it will happen soon.

Of course I have my lovely 3-form splash backs..... beautiful Eco resin filled with organic material like sticks and bear grass but what about these for lovely beautifully designed ideas to make your house that little bit different.

This product is called Domino by a company called Pordata found (here) - beautiful and sleek and a great idea giving you storage without losing any of your light.

What about this product called Barkskin by Caba Company found (here )- hand pounded bark - Very natural and beautiful - they have some different and inspiring ideas on how to make things just that little bit more interesting.

This one I love - LitraCon found (here) - light transmitting concrete - I love this idea, it would make for some very interesting spaces ... hurry up and come to Australia.

And Finally Lamlux (here) - Resin and Wood mixed to create the most amazing patterns, they use it to make furniture and I cant help but think the lovely clear gaps help to make the wood look even more beautiful.

Oh and my husband did call me back ... at 2.45 in the afternoon all blustery about how I always seem to find new ways to spend money. Apparently the people he works with were divided on the linen costing issue - 60% thought it was a fair price to pay while 40% thought I was insane. In the end my husband did what any good husband would do " Honey - if this will make you happy and we can afford it - get it"

Thank you my love

Remember "Happy Wife, Happy Life"

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Blossy Bogan said...

There are MANY new and exciting products from around the world ,lots we will never get to see though. Check out some at this store if you are into eco and recycling.