Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overlooking Issues Strike Again

Well as you all know, when I was designing the house I was very careful with my window placement to avoid any issues with overlooking.
Unfortunately for me when I got the plans back from the builder every single window upstairs were highlight windows ..... Na Ahh .... I don't think so.

So I called the builder and they said nope cant do a thing about it, you get a choice of highlights, highlights and more highlights.

Fine - I will bring out the big guns, so I call my shire. Surprisingly for a shire Rockingham is amazing, they are helpful, they are informative and they honestly seem to go out of their way to help you. I have even had them stop by the block once to check on a piece of pipe I was worried about.

They advise me that in a living area you need something like 7m from wall/window to boundary - not going to happen with a 10m wide block but fine, the sitting room I am happy with highlights. Its the library hall / bedroom that I am worried about. I want some larger windows in my bedroom and the shire advised that all I need is 4.5m from wall/window to boundary.

UNFORTUNATELY - I only have 4.39m so I am .110 to big. Which means I need to get special permission from my neighbour in order to have ordinary windows upstairs.....

And I have to admit - I am a little bit nervous about approaching them. Note, there is actually nothing on the block but a shed, the owners live backing onto this block and use it to store fishing gear...... but still. I am nervous about approaching them. Oh god .... what is best a letter detailing everything or the human approach and just knocking on their door.

Also - my darling husband has deserted me so I have to do this all on my own! Thankyou so much my love.....

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