Monday, August 16, 2010

I have Good News and Bad News

Well I went and saw our lovely neighbour last night and I have some very good news. While she has to confirm with her husband, both are quite excited about us building and are happy to allow us to put full length windows in the bedroom. So yay, very exciting, very good news. Its all so wonderful and good.

The bad news relates to the retaining wall separating our block and the block backing onto our block. The shire seem to have "misplaced" the engineering drawings for this wall so no one is sure how deep it is. My builder would like me to build a retaining wall to retain the soil sitting in front of this wall where I am sure we can dig it away and make the entire section flat. All this depends on how the wall is built and at this point, no one seems to know. So unless I find the structural drawings for this wall it looks like I am shelling out $9,000 to retain a retaining wall.... does this sound silly to anyone else besides me???

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