Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Little Confession

Ok - I have a little confession to make, I am a slight hoarder, well not really but I am a collector I suppose you could say. There are three things I will not part with and just keep adding to, firstly lets start with the easy one - cocktail dresses.

I think there is nothing better than opening your closet to lovely ruffles, frills and chiffon. I would have loved it if my grandmothers dresses were still around .... unfortunately they were thrown or given away and so I have nothing "vintage" to purr over. So I have started collecting, if I find something beautiful online I will buy it, as long as its in good condition (and I keep my clothes in very good condition) I see no reason to give it away, hey even if my daughter doesn't love it maybe my grand daughter will.

Secondly is shoes - I adore a good set of heels and really hate the thought of giving them away, again like the dresses, it gives me such pleasure to see all the pretty silks and satins, gorgeous leather and braiding and knowing that 99% of the time, I always have a shoe to match the outfit I am thinking of wearing. Saying that, there is always room in my wardrobe for new shoes....

Now the big one, as you know I love books, what you don't know is just how much I love books, I actually think about them ... oh yes, now we are bordering on the weird zone, I was thinking this morning how lovely it would be to re-read the first book I was even given, a novel by Raymond E Feist called Magician when I was about 12. It was a huge purple book and I have read this particular story at least 10 times in the last 15 years. Anyways, back to me thinking about the book and suddenly I realised I didn't have access to it, its packed way in a box in a storage unit about 10 minutes drive away, and then it hit me, this yearning (Oh yes I did say it would get weird) which actually knocked my breath away .... something I love is not really accessible. I don't think I realised just how much pleasure I used to get wandering around my library, looking at the books on the shelves and remembering just how good or bad the story was. I actually gained a lot of pleasure just from having them close.....

So in honour of my precious missing treasures I have found these interesting pictures. Books arranged by colour, it looks amazing and the last one almost makes it a plausible idea but how would you find anything, how on earth are you supposed to remember what colour cover the book has, no one looks at the cover.... its the inside that counts - Right?

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