Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Challenge to My Absent Husband

Well Ladies and the odd gentleman who sometimes read my blog. My husband is away a fair bit at the moment and since we don't get to speak all that often he promises me black and blue that he does read my blog and keep updated on house related stuff. I have decided to put this to the test.

See I have fallen deeply desperately in love with some bed linen from Linen and Moore..... and usually I wouldn't even both telling him about said purchase but this is a little bit more expensive than what I would usually pay. A new quilt, cushions etc I would usually spend around $300 but this one is about $500 (Cheapest I have found so far...). I love love love this and it would be the perfect balance of masculine for darling hubby and still pretty enough to make me happy.

So my love..... you have until 3pm (WST) today to call and discuss this or else I am going to click the "buy" button.

(Readers - I should mention that I am a little bit scared, I promised faithfully that I would not buy anything until the roof goes on bit this is so perfect I am willing to risk his wrath in order to get it.... maybe.)

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