Thursday, January 31, 2013

Landscape Dreaming - Getting it Right


This trip hubby and I have decided our main focus is going to be on the alfresco / pool area.

The thing is - before you can actually "do" anything you need to have a plan. You need to know where you will be running retic, what you are doing with lighting and pretty much the basic order or works.

We are finding this particular aspect quite overwhelming, unlike the house a garden really cant grow organically, you need to have a method to your madness and have it all set down before you start actually working.

I have seen some lovely on line garden design tools but me not being the most technology savy means this looks more scary than not.

So im kinda stuck hand drawing my ideas and lets be honest .... its looking rather primitive. I will be working on improving these over the weekend and am hoping to show you my ideas on Monday but for now .... we have edited our wants / needs down and decided on a lush, semi formal style with lots of structure and boundaries.

I want it to feel almost like a lush secret garden like image number 2 while also trying to keep in fairly low maintenance.

Let's hope it comes out right? I have confidence, the pool looks amazing so we must be on the right track!!!


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