Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Black Pool Update

Last week when I excitedly showed you pictures of the pool you may have noticed it wasn't the lovely glossy black colour I promised.


Nope it was milky and almost a light grey colour even after the water was added.


This is due to the concrete residue that was stuck to all the little bits of glass. Yesterday the pool people were back and after dumping a ton of acid into the water it is now its lovely glossy black self. Obviously it will take a while before its again swimable but I'm really happy with how it turned out!


I cant yet show you just how lovely it is because of the time I get home the pool is always in the shadows however here is a sneak peak at the almost finished product.



B is building a house said...

It looks amazing <3


K-L said...

Looks great guys! What are the Olympic Rings / Audi symbol looking things? x KL

Miss Vintage said...

Hi KL - all our large windows and sliding doors have these - they are supposed to tell you its a window not an open space and stop you running into it - I have a feeling ours will be removed fairly soon - my windows are never clean enought for you to not notice they are there!!!