Sunday, January 13, 2013

Media Room Wall Mural - Sydney Harbour Bridge


So for the past two years you have had to listen to me harp on about the amazing image I found in the NSW archives of the Sydney Harbour Bridge being built.

I am happy to say at very long last my dreams of a wall mural are now a reality. The mural is up, the final details are almost complete and the room is starting to look finished.

New cushions, new sliding side tables and some lovely blown glass bottles help make this room special.

Dont get me wrong, there is still skirting and the DVD cabinets to go but to be honest it finally feels like things are getting done.

What do you think? Did this room turn out like you though it would??? Do you like it or is it a little bit too "out there?"


Alex.2424 said...

I love it! I don't think it's out there I think it's unique and stylish : )

Miss Nell said...

I love this!! It looks amazing!! Have been contemplating doing something like this is hubbys theatre room but cant convince him, your pics just might do it!!

Miss Nell said...

After 5 months I think I've convinced hubby on a mural in the theatre room!!! Can I ask where you got yours from??

Miss Vintage said...

Hi Miss Nell - The company I used is called Wonder Walls & Murals. The guys name is Matthew and he was wonderful. I believe they also have a Facebook account if that helps.