Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Little Bit of Pretty


Mr V is going to kill me for this post however I feel the need to vent. So venting I will go .... is it too much to ask for just a little bit of pretty in our house.

Let me start at the beginning, as there is both a boy and girl living in the one space certain compromises are always made in order to keep everyone comfortable. The man cave and sporting memorabilia are either removed or restricted to certain spaces and mirrored surfaces, white and anything overly pretty are also reduced in order to cater to the comfort of the other sex.

The problem is ... our house is extremely neutral. It is dominated by neutral tones of grey, navy and black with just a hint of mustard to complete the look. This can not in any way be considered pretty and in most of the spaces there is nothing wrong with that but I have to ask myself .... why cant I have just one room of uninterrupted girliness to have coffee with friends, read a book on a pretty floral couch and enjoy the lux mauve drapes in peace.

I'm not talking about over the top pink and sparkly .... oh no I mean just a hint of the feminine ... something subtle and luxurious.


My argument was that the media room is almost like a bit of a man cave abet a grown up one. He has a space he can lounge inelegantly, drink beer and watch horrible sports all in a cool dark ... cave like space while I don't have a bright, floral pretty space I can escape too.

Apparently he needs to think about the ramifications of allowing me my little bit of pretty so for the moment we are at a stalemate.

I know they say marriage is all about compromise but seriously ... they also say ... Happy Wife Happy Life!!!


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K-L said...

I'll sign your petition Miss V!!!!
x KL