Monday, November 14, 2011

What Defines You

It seems I have come back to work to craziness. My team are moving to Aberdeen and I will not be going with them which leaves me trying to figure out what on earth I want to do job wise.

Thinking about a new job, a big change and an even bigger decision makes me feel sick not just in my head but really physically sick. I have never been one to have this need to prove myself with a professional job with a smart title. I have always been happy to have a job that makes me happy and gives me time with my husband. Now however I am having to think about my next move seriously and the amount of people with opinions on the matter is never ending. Apparently I need to move up in the world, accept a position with more responsibility, some great title on my business card and a whole lot of stress. Its funny because in my head I was always going to do really well in life and don't get me wrong I think I have but if high school Miss V saw 28 year old married Miss V would she be proud or just a little bit disappointed.

Do I want to move into an area that will give me that great job or should I just stay with what I know and focus on other things. My family all seem to be quite technical and professional, the best at what they do and yet I just seem happy to coast along. 

So I guess the question I really need to ask myself .... who am I trying to please with this new job of mine? Do I need to please anyone? Am I any less because I don't have the big career and what will really make me happy?

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