Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Curve Ball

As you would know by now - I am a planner. I am a real, down to the minute planner and the idea of not having the next 6 months of my life carefully drafted out sends me out in hives ... and cold sores .... and waves of dizziness I really don't like.

So before I went on holidays I was told my team were moving to Aberdeen, Scotland and that I was to be moved to another team. Now I have provisionally been asked if I would consider moving with my team.... and this is where I start having issues remembering to breath ... do I want to go to Scotland. How would it work, what would happen to the house??? What about my lovely little baby girl Lacey?

Way too much to think about???? Oh God Oh God Oh God .....

So in honour of my undying loyalty to being an ostrich .... I am ignoring the whole issue at the moment. I don't want to change my life ... why can't my team stay here with me and we just continue as we always have. Why do things have to change?

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