Sunday, November 6, 2011

Step Right Up ....

I cant believe just how quickly Christmas has snuck up on us this year ... it seems like yesterday we were having all of those drama's with the earth works and now its Christmas.

Well today is not a house related post ... is about dressing up. I am at heart a child and as such a love any opportunity to dress up. What is there not to love about putting on a costume and acting silly just because. So our work has the most amazing christmas parties ever. They are very over the top and EVERYONE who goes dresses up. Last year the theme was arabian nights and it was awesome. Situated on the swan river foreshore they had tents, arabian carpets on the grass, rose water and pomegranite cocktails, camels, snake charmers, belly dancers, tarrot card reader, oyster shuckers and best of all a chocolate fountain as big as me! Over the top .... yes. One of the reasons people put on the pro's and con's list when thinking of moving on .... yes!

So this years theme is Circus ... I was hoping for Oktoberfest because I already have the costume but I can work with Circus.

I found some pretty cool costumes and anyones thoughts on these would be much appreciated .....

Hubby has also decided on his costume this year and he is doing Scary Clown .... hmmm so not attractive but he has even started scaring me with pictures and the idea of shaving his head .... YAY .... so glad he is home this year ... who wouldnt want their husband shaving his head and smearing blood all over his face.

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JT Butson said...

Hey Miss Vintage
We are about to start our house build with the same builder as you. Just waiting for the bank to give them their first payment and then all systems are go.
I like your costume choices, all of them look great. We had a circus theme at our Christmas party a few years ago and a few people didn't come due to clown phobias.