Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Box Arrived

I don't know about you but receiving a box in the post is one of those exciting things that just doesn't grow old.

This box was actually from us .... we posted it from Dubai when we realised the suitcases might be slightly heavier than we thought. So last night we pulled the box apart laughing at hubby's Leiderhosen and playing with all the new display pieces we brought while overseas.

My favorites are the two helmets.... now the Roman one is cool but hubby seems to be quite partial to the Tower of London one we brought. Either way these are so so so cool for the new house. The only really sad thing is we are going to have to pack them away for another 6 months.....

Oh yes, and of course boys like to play with their toys and my dad could not wait to try them on!

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