Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scotland - Day Two

Today as a rather early start ... for some reason I woke at 3am and although I desperately tried to bury my head under the covers I could not for the life of me go back to sleep, so I worked .... and worked and worked at 3am UK time, around lunch time Australia time.

Waiting for a taxi at 8.30am I watched lovely little snow flakes drift softly to the ground .... it wasn't quite cold enough to actually have a lovely white carpet but it was a great beginning to the trip.

Work itself isn't great, they were not really prepared for us so instead of arriving and hitting the ground running are instead struggling to set up stuff like offices, printers and even simple things like swipe cards and pens.

Because I had such an early start this morning I was able to leave early and hubby and I wandered the lovely grey streets playing with my new toy ... A Canon Eos SLR!

How do you like my new pictures .... I am pretty excited with my new camera and cant wait to try it out on our treck this weekend.

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