Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Apologies

My sincere and heartfelt apologies for not "blogging" more regularly however work seems to have become the centre of my life .... I wake up and reach for my phone to check emails, I go to bed planning in my head how im going to get through the next day.

Next week im hoping to do better but this week .... work became the centre of my existence and not in a good way.

However back to today and what a wonderful start to the day it was. We are staying in a castle and its more than amazing. Its called Dalmunzie Castle and its located in Perthshire. In my simplistic map defunct mind that means middle bottom of scotland right in the centre so cold and more cold right now.

It has big thick stone walls, lots of rooms that just seem to wind into other rooms and lots of old dusty furniture. Overall its absolutely brilliant. We played darts before dinner where I discovered I may just be the next darts champion. Who would have though .... me an elite sports woman.

So waking up this morning I snuck out of the house (castle) and watched the sun rise. Now I have mentioned how cold it is but to truely get the idea the grass crunches under your feet, your foggy breath puffs quietly in front of you and the absolute stillness of the valley means all you can hear are the birds groggily waking up and the river rushing past.

My day started heavenly ..... now I just have to find my slightly missing husband so I can sit down to a very civilised 9am breakfast before perhaps a small walk .....

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