Monday, January 23, 2012

Scotland - Day Four

I think we need to make a new word up because "oh my god its freezing" is fine when you say it once or twice but today this was a well used phrase and I swear I'm wearing out my tongue on it!

The hotel is heaven, its one of those places you cant help but wish you own and I swear, the room was so cold you actually had to brace yourself before you slipped out to the powder room! However I must say, I desperately want a feather doona because it was the most luxurious feeling thing to sleep in I have ever experienced.

Now firstly we found Loch Ness and is huge. I don't think you can visualise just how big it is but I will say I'm relieved we didn't have a towel because hubby was determined he was going to swim out and find Nessy.

Two castles later, miles of beautiful countryside, stacks of mud and so much hale and snow we finally hit the Isle of Skye.

What can I say except its a rather beautiful barren place. If I was comparing it to Australia it would be the vast barrenness of the Pilbara. I do love it and you are constantly stopping the car just so you can have a closer look at a waterfall, a view of even an old ruin.

The idea of driving around Scotland means that the focus isn't on arriving but instead getting there. The journey is the holiday and I like it alot. It means lots of getting lost, stopping at quaint little places and laughing over something stupid and insane. (today it was me falling on my bum in the mud and not being able to get myself up ..... yes well, not particularly ladylike)

Tomorrow we make our way back to Aberdeen and its actually quite a drive so .... onwards and upwards!

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Anna Williams said...

I would love to go to Scotland one day, and this looks like an amazing trip!