Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is my dog the new little black dress?

Australian's spend more money on average on their pets than on alcohol, eating out or public transport.

Apparently in 2011 pet owners forked out $780 million on pet products and accessories, including diamante collars, clothing and kitty handbags.

Obviously right on trend this year Lacey received a super cute little Christmas present from her very much adoring mother (that's me). I am obviously very luck Lacey doesn't destroy toys but this years present is much loved by my cute little girl who carries her new little "bunny" around the house, taking it to bed at night, dragging it outside to lay in the sun with her and overall just never really letting it out of her sight.

I cant believe how much pleasure i get knowing how much she love it.... awww. As for her .... All I can say is "its a tough life being a dog"