Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Have Arrived

Well I have made it. I survived 26 hours of travel on my own half way across the world.

That sounds really great and a wonderful acheivement but to be totally honest with you ... I was in business class.

How does "Toasted Focaccia with Slow Cooked Pork, Gruyere, Barbecue Sauce and Cos Leaves" sound? or perhaps you would prefer "Chinese style roasted duck salad wth pickled cabbage" followed by "Seared Beef fillet with potato and leek gratin, asparagus and red wine sauce" and of course finished with " Milk chocolate, chestnut and blueberry torte served with double cream"

he he he - I slept 9 hours straight on the Singapore to Heathrow leg and I have to say, I landed in London feeling refreashed and ready to take on the world.

I arrived in Aberdeen, checked into our appartment, made an absolute mess of my suitcase and went for a walk. Just a quick walk because I have this amazing tendency to get lost but still, I got out, got food and got cold and now im home.

.... im home and now the jetlag is slowly creaping in. Its 3pm UK time and nearly midnight Perth time. If I can stay up for another 3 - 4 hours I might just survive the time difference but my eyes are already dragging and my head is feeling fuzzy and the bed currently covered in clothes is seeming like a really good option right now.

So im off to bed now ... no wait, im going to go kill time unpacking and tidying up until I can safely crawl into bed and just sleep. I will make sure to take more pics tomorrow and maybe give you my first impressions of the "grey city"


danma said...

The only way to fly, glad that you have made it all ok....thanks for the "Grey City" pic's it really is grey, isn't it.
Have fun & stay safe.....

Anette Ryan said...

Looking forward to read more about your visit to Scotland.