Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Slight Issue

So maybe im pedantic but my laundry isnt right. the top isnt how I wanted it and I think im going to request they rip it out and fix it ... oh dear.

See I want a lovely square form top and they have given me a little flat top which is fine but not what I requested or wanted ..... Is it wrong to want to change it after its been put in. It was specified that what I wanted was square form but .... I still feel bad.


B is building a house said...

No, it is not wrong to expect to get what you asked & paid for!

Good luck :)


Anette Ryan said...

Don't feel bad. It's your right to complain if they done something wrong. It would be different if you actually liked it but now you don't so tell them that you want what you ordered.
But I can still feel for you, it sucks to have to complain about what they do wrong.
I like your laundry and I did like what you showed yesterday of you kitchen.
If I don't "see" you...Have a good Christmas!
Anette :-)

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

No way! Do not feel bad at all. If it's not what you asked for then get it changed or you will never ever be happy with it. I've asked for things to be changed. I felt awkward doing so but then realised that I was the one paying for it so I needed to be happy with it. Ange

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

It will bug you forever so yes, request the change. They may offer you a financial rebate to keep it too...if what you have now was say half the price of the first choice, would you be tempted to keep it? A recent kitchen fitout with ceasar stone island was incorrectly provided with two sink holes rather than one. The kitchen supplier offered to leave it, halve the price and he'd provide the extra undermount sink. The owner said no and it was correctly reinstated. Bargaining power lies with you! Good luck!
x KL

danma said...

No it's not wrong, change it because it will annoy you whenever you go in there....Now if you want your hubby to do all the laundry for you, don't change it because you could get mileage out of it.....It looks lovely but the last picture looks stunning....