Wednesday, December 14, 2011

House Updates - Moving Ahead at Light Speed

I don't know if its because my house is finally looking like a house but last night a had a dream .... well a nightmare actually where hubby tried for 2 weeks solid to put together some ikea flat pack shelves I want in the media room with no success and for some reason not having shelves in the media room was my idea of hell. Why am I so worried about this ... no idea but its pretty funny that I'm already having house nightmares with still three months to go before it is actually ours again!

But as the title says today I'm going to show you some updated pictures of the house and boy does it look good. The plaster work is like stone, so hard and so smooth I almost cry every time I run my hands along it.

So without further ado .... my house!

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Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Looking good! Not to worry about the nightmare - I have similar ones too when work is going on around here. How exciting - 3 months to go but who's counting!!! Ange