Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Dreaming

At this moment while sorting out final contract documents I bobbing along to my headphones .... what is playing - Christmas Carols. I'm particular Michael Buble Christmas CD and its actually pretty damn good. Its light and happy and his voice is Divine. My theory is that kids want Santa to visit at Christmas, grown woman are wishing for darling Michael.

Also I am now dying for a white Christmas, I want a white Christmas, I want hot apple cider and mulled wine, I want to be rugged up in my warm clothes and gloves, I want to have to watch where I step for patches of ice and most of all I want to get excited like I used to as a child ... .see for me that is what a white Christmas does for me .... It makes me a kid again singing the 12 days of Christmas very off key and wearing copious amounts of red and green!

So for me the Christmas spirit has hit me early and now I just have to hope to sustain it all the way through to the end of December.

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