Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Has Come Early

For our family last Sunday was Christmas. Now its odd but for many fly in fly out families Christmas can be anywhere from November to January. Getting everyone home at once is hard and on Sunday 90% of ours was home so Sunday we had Christmas. This included getting up in the morning putting on Christmas music and handing out presents ... Its kind of surreal doing this while the rest of Perth just cruise along as per normal but you do get used to it after 10 or so years.

So I received my presents from darling hubby and there were two, I received a lovely little broach (I collect broaches and love adding them to outfits) and my second present was so exciting it was just plain cool - obviously house related and the box was so big I couldn't lift it myself. There is something really exciting about opening a box bigger than you but anyways I digress, I just cant wait to show you my present .... well here it is

.... A Giant Clock  .... Look at the dining chair, its GIANT GIANT. Brilliant I cant get over how much I love my clock!

Now my gift to hubby wasnt quite so exciting but one of the more practical things I have seen in a long while .... I sort of portable workshop for the basics, drill, extension cord, screws etc all folds into one neat transportable box .... hell it even has wheels, so yes, boring but practical. My parents on the other hand spoilt him with a new toy, an motorised sail boat he would not stop playing with all day ....

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Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

That clock is divine - I love it!!! Hubby has such great taste. Lucky girl. Enjoy! Ange