Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Drought Has Broken

So you may be aware (I certainly complain about it enough) but darling hubby declared an all out holiday ban for the length of the build so we can be smart and reasonable and put all our money into the house.

Let me tell you ... it has been 6 months of no holidays, no planning, no dreaming of somewhere new but now the drought is over ... and I didn't do anything.

Hubby has decided it was a stupid ban and I was allowed to book a holiday.

His only stipulation was that it had to be somewhere we haven't been before. My mind was spinning, so many options, so much to consider.

Anyways - hubby at work was talking to "the boys"

Hubby "We are going on a holiday - my wife said I can pick where ever I want to go"

Boys "Oh yeah, have you decided where you want to go"

Hubby " I have always wanted to go to America"

Boys "Cool - America is great you will love it - so your going to America"

Hubby "Nope - we are going to Europe"


See I have never really been a fan on America - its just not on my list and until yesterday I really didn't realise it was on hubby's list. So in my head my saying ANYWHERE was fine because most place we both wanted to go. Europe was my number one pick and I honestly thought this is where he would pick to go... it really surprised me when the good old USA was top of his list!

So we are at a deadlock ... and I really want to be a good wife and just say - hey honey lets go to America and to be honest any holiday is a good holiday but with the US I really dont have any idea where to start, what do I want to see? Where do I want to go?... the deal is I am going to try and convince myself of all the wonderful reasons to visit America starting with these amazingly pretty pictures.

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