Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Paint or Not To Paint... That is the Question

One of my online friends is agonising over flooring at the moment. See like me she wants something a little bit different when it comes to her house. She wants white wooden floors (Hey don't judge, I want to pour motor oil all over mine and make them nearly black!). The thing is and I will admit I am painfully aware of this also - its so final.

To paint a floor, you are covering up the wood and that's lovely, I personally love the look of nice painted floor boards... however you have to ask yourself, will you still feel the same 5 or 6 years from now and if not - how much will you curse yourself as you slowly sand your way across the living area - moaning about how on earth you could cover up the beautiful wood and vowing never to touch a tin of paint again....

So ... to paint or not to paint, its certainly warmer than tiles and it gives this lovely "aged" feel to a building, I just don't know if i would love them and myself 5 years down the track.... my god these decisions are hard!

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B is building a house said...

We are having timber flooring throughout the whole house. We won't be painting them though. We are going to have them sanded, and laquered, or whatever the proper terminology is :)