Monday, March 7, 2011

Drama and Delight

Well I have good news and I have bad news.

Lets start with the bad so we can end on a good note - this is a letter I just had to send to the builder after a harrowing Friday Evening Phone Call

On Friday the footings on my house were poured and I only found out about this because our lovely neighbour on the right hand side (facing the block) with the shed called in tears on Friday night because the builders had destroyed her block and car.
Apparently when the concreter’s arrived on site to pour the slab they did the unthinkable and parked the concrete truck on their block (I don’t see and issue with this but wait it gets better) Then when they were leaving and the cleaned the truck they poured all the excess concrete on their block. The owner was very upset because “up until now the block has been perfect and its taken them quite a while to get it looking clean and tidy and we come in and just ruin it”. Ok I get this; we do need to clean up the concrete … but wait it gets better. Neighbours husband then drives through the wet concrete getting it all over their car and then instead of being a smart little husband and hosing it off he goes inside and it sets on the car.
So I was hoping that when you had time you could arrange for someone to go around and clean up the concrete off their block. I went down and had a look and its not very pretty and probably was unnecessary but I understand that this does happen. I have attached a picture just to show you the start of all the drama.
If you can let me know when this will be cleaned up I would appreciate it so I can make sure to tell the owner if she happens to call again.
I was also hoping you could ask our supervisor if he can get all the contractors to park across the road (Lawn Bowls and plenty of parking) Instead of in front of their block because if I get another late Friday phone call I am very likely to turn to drink….
Now for the good news and I bet you have guessed it - I have a slab! YAY - Bring on brickwork.

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