Monday, February 28, 2011

Sandy Issues

This is going to sound silly but I have a problem and its ridiculous.

The only time at the moment I can go on site is before or after work and as always I'm dressed to the nines in stiletto heels and pencil skirts. (I can see you picturing me tottering around site with a pair of heels on - thank god my builders have not yet seen me because I'm sure they would be laughing as well)

How on earth am I supposed to negotiate the quick sand that makes up my block without filling my shoes with sand or covering the cuffs of my lovely back pants in horrible white dust?
I could wear thongs for my visits but to be honest, even the idea makes me grit my teeth because I still have to put my shoes on afterwards and I just don't want to do it.

How on earth am I supposed to do this? And yes it does seem silly and petty and ridiculous but for me, but you also have to remember I am it for the builders, they are supposed to take me seriously? they are supposed to listen to me when I tell you that the wall just isn't in the right spot and how are they supposed to do that when they are laughing over me ruining my perfect day old pedicure?

I suppose the good news is if I'm complaining about this there haven't been any other major dramas on site... a plus perhaps.

For your interest some pictures of my now buried pool! Take that builder - I am so not paying $10,000 to scaffold out the pool when I can just fill it in.

Oh the feeling of joy when you know you have managed to outsmart the company dedicated to squeezing as much money out of you as humanly possible!

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