Sunday, February 6, 2011

Im Not Overly Fond of Earthworks

Why oh why did we decide to build....... That is the question both my husband and I keep asking although he glares at me darkly when he asks because really this is all my fault.... (I may have brought the block without him really having a look at it)

There is a bit of good news .... my retaining wall contractor John is lovely and is actually quite nice to look at so I was happy to wait on site and talk to him today.

The other good news ... the sewage pipe has been moved and unless someone runs over the fence its now pretty safe from destruction.

The bad news is ... my earth worker didn't really get close enough to the wall. They said he would be about 2m away but he is really about 10m away which is disappointing. It means my retaining wall company will have to dig everything by hand which will add a days and $1,500 dollars onto the already spirally budget and schedule.

The other bad news is ... the builder are not going to touch the leach drains. They want the owner (That's us) to deal with them.... so I'm hoping a friend with a bobcat can help me remove them late this week.

That is all - its not all doom and gloom but its not great. At this point I'm just tired of earthworks... why cant I have my slab.... All I really want is a slab.

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