Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have a highly embarrassing confession to make and I can guarantee that you will laugh at me by the end of it and maybe im slightly emotional right now... but.... ok here I go.

I am ridiculously insanely jealous.... of my Sat Nav!

Yes you heard right and you are probably sitting there thinking ... what is she smoking but its true. Of course you are aware over Christmas we had a few dramas. The main one being that our car was stolen, used in a number of different robberies then involved in a police chase before being written off. Obviously we had to buy a new one and this one has a sat nav we have called Alice. (it seemed like a smart idea at the time because she sounded just like the computers in all those movies where they go insane and try to take over the world) anyways I digress. So we both loved Alice, she told us where to go, told us where to find petrol and was basically an angel in our own car.

Now here is where it gets creepy. We just found out you can voice activate it - so you press a button and say disc and it will automatically change to disc. Great right? For the two weeks hubby was home we were in heaven where he would press the button and Alice would quite delightedly do exactly what he asks.

Then he goes away and I'm left with the car and poor little Alice. So I try to do the same thing, pressing the little button and saying disk and what happens.... She doesn't like me and ignores me totally. At first i was just irritated by such blatant disrespect but over the weeks I have not only gotten more and more annoyed but I also feel she has a thing for hubby, she likes his voice and not mine and wont listen to me at all.

FINE - I am desperately searching for a way to turn her off because right now I am ready to kill! Stupid Alice - why wont she listen to me. I have also decided I am going to try to find a way to change the voice.... why would I want a sweet perfectly pronounced bitch telling me where to go.... where is the sexy low husky male voice asking me nicely to turn left...


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