Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Design Dilemma

At the moment im finding myself torn when it comes to the exact style I am going to be using in my house. I know i want new and old, that fine and good.

The dilemma I face is all my built in units. Ok so im going to be having built in's but do they take on a more modern feel or do I go with my gut and go for the more traditional fiddly style I lust after in pictures.

I know option 2 is more expensive but is it worth it, will it add drama to the space or be lost.... Im still thinking this one through and I know that with built in's I cant change my mind ... it has to be right first and only time.

So do I go for a plain contempory style or the traditional details I love??? You have seen plenty of traditional built in ideas but here are my favorite modern contemporary ideas..
Told you it was a Dilemma (plus I just love the word)

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