Monday, December 13, 2010

Where is the Love!

Following on from yesterdays post I would just like to say.... Where the bloody hell is the love?

And trust, oh yes, I trust you to make the right decisions, I trust that your house wont look like a big ugly "blur" on the street (Words coming straight out of my fathers mouth). Have I made that many bad design choices in the past that its understandable that there is a slight hesitation with what I want to do?


I have made good choices, my houses have looked lovely and everyone trusted me completely to make the right choice back then because it was just like every ones else's house. It looked just like all the other display homes in the area, it had the same couch layout, it had the same one feature walls and creams and beige's and all those lovely things every other house has. Why on earth would you take a risk of you had a perfectly bland option available? Heaven forbid you actually try to do something that represents you.

I have to say, one of my lovely bloggy friend Jazz and Brett (here) have a house that suits them as a couple. You walk in and you instantly know what they are about. Why on earth would they want to stick with beige and cream and the typical decor placement when they can do something in black and bright pink.... its them and hey you can tell that its their house.

Why wont anybody trust me to just make a house out of all the things that we love? Why is it so important to be just like everyone else.... safe and just a little bit boring.

So - for the final time my love - this is what I am trying to do with adding old and new bits into the build.... this is what I want to achieve if I can.
I love how a modern sofa is made interesting with the addition of some pillows with a bit of a vintage print.

A retro chair with a modern built in looks amazing not out of place

This is a lovely modern looking house with that lovely little vintage box on the floor just making your eye run up and down the wall. It enhances the pictures - doesn't take away from them.

Look at this - Modern hall table, modern mirrors and a lovely light and then you add that amazing green boey and it just makes everything so much richer looking.

Finally this wall - it looks amazing with the old tin letters in a beautiful neutral room. How on earth can you not love this wall - it even takes the green wall from looking cheap and childish to a place I would like to sleep....

PS. I may be slightly emotional today.... I keep bursting into tears for unknown reasons but who cares.... today I am on the warpath!


Jazz and Brett said...

Thanks for the blog love! I am lucky Brett and I have similar tastes and he "let's me go" with my crazy interior colours and design.

Sometimes I tell him my weird ideas and he gets involved in the design, searching and practical elements of the idea - can you include your hubby with a few small projects and see where your "couple design style" leads you?

Does he have his own space in the house that you guys can work together on?

B is building a house said...

I just want to say that I love the look in the pictures you've posted and I will be trying to achieve the same look in our house :)