Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Drama of the Scales

On Sunday my husband and I had a small quibble of the style and interior design of the house. To be honest he has no real desire to decorate, he doesn't care about colours and if he had his way the entire house would be cold and minimal and stark. Saying that he does realise it isn't possible or practical to have a minimalist house and so up until now he has stepped away from any design aspects or decisions.

HOWEVER - Oh yes, I am slightly irritated however I will keep taking deep breaths and hoping I don't burst into tears just talking about my loss. Yes loss, I am grieving and the thing is it could all have been averted if only he had of just given in and let me have what I wanted.
You see on a Sunday I get up at the crack of dawn and head down to the local Markets to check out all the wonderful old "Stuff" and a few weeks ago I absently picked up these amazing red scales however it wasn't until i got home that I realised I HAD to have them. I realised I desperately wanted them but the following three weeks they are not there, the stall only comes every so often and I was really disappointed I had not paid more attention to them when I originally had them in my hot little hands.
Anyways, yesterday I saw them again and they were just as perfect, the woman told me they were old Australia Post scales and I was so excited I could barely breath (Although I will admit, I acted all cool and calm in front of the woman - hell I was still hoping for a deal). I ran back to find dear hubby, still over the moon excited that they were still there and dragging him by the arm I showed him my perfect find positively glowing with happiness I gushed over their fantastic red colour and even the tiny little rust spots on the base.... and then he did it. Then he stepped onto my heart and said....

"Nope - I don't like them"

Obviously I wasn't expecting it, I had thought / hoped that he would love them as much as I do, see I already had a shelf in my kitchen picked out for them. Anyways he said no and wouldn't even consider paying the $60 price tag. So I went home without them and for the rest of the night made sure he was aware of my displeasure.
I am determined to get it if I ever see it again but for the moment its lost again....
One thing he did say to me was that he didn't understand how I could add old items into a new house and not make the house feel old and antique'y. Tomorrow I am going to endeavour to explain exactly how old items can be used to make a house look interesting not old... I'm am sure all my other readers understand, we just have to convince my dear husband!

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Jazz and Brett said...

Buy it for yourself as a Xmas present!