Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something Less ... Intense

I realise that this week has been slightly emotional... oh yes, I am not that deluded to believe I was totally 100% justified in my ranting however I am also not going to apologise purely out of principal that I am never wrong. Heaven forbid, if I started apologising willy nilly people might actually start doubting I know what I am doing. (After re-reading this I may still be slightly emotional but im not sure)

However today is going to be slightly less intense, I have decided to write about one of my new favorite things.... painted furniture. There are obviously people who love the look of wood and in some instances I have to agree however I must say, there is nothing better than an old and worn out piece of furniture being given a new life with a lick or two of pain.

My favorite examples are often by the very talented Kate from Centsational Girl (here) and this is a perfect example of what she does

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