Thursday, December 9, 2010

Style Compromises

Obviously from my previous posts you would have guessed I love a wide variety of design styles. I really love eclectic and interesting design, I love all the creams and beige's and how they mix so well with both vibrant and pastel pops of colour. I love how items like old cricket balls in a glass canister can look amazingly artistic and how old swimsuits or photo's make a house feel like it has a history.

The thing is - in Perth modern minimalism reigns supreme. I will admit there is a small smattering of Asian inspired decor however anything else is very hard to find and I'm not sure if my house would feel like it belonged if mix and mingle all the different styles I love.

How on earth am I going to mix all of these together...

A little bit of this (Modern minimalism)

And a little bit of this (Hampton's - cream fresh decor)

Along with almost a formal Victorian Edge

And lets not forget a really weird eclectic clutter

Finally I style I just don't know where to put - its almost luxury hotel.... I love it even though I cant name it

Its a fine line to walk on - the question is am a strong enough as a non professional designer to make it happen.

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