Monday, December 6, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

For some random reason I love the idea of staircases where the treads are wood and the "risers?" are white. It looks so clean and crisp and fresh and I think its such a wonderful way of contrasting the wood but I wonder if perhaps this is too much of a traditional look to be pulled off in my house. The first picture is quite modern but really it doesn't seem to work as well as the second two pictures which just blow me away.... the bottom one is my dream house, how heavenly is that. I can see my tiny little children with dark hair and hopefully neat bright red clothing running up and down them as they play. If only I had been brave enough to go for a traditional New England style house but to be honest, I stick to what I know. Clean crisp modern decor which i am hoping to make just that little bit eclectic. Do these stairs fall under eclectic I wonder?

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