Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cold Feet

I am writing today (well late Wednesday afternoon) as tomorrow my family is having Christmas. We have quite an interesting family dynamic and there are usually only days at a time throughout the year when everyone is home at once. Tomorrow is the only day between now and late January its possible to get everyone in the same room. (Unfortunately in order for that to happen my darling husband has to fly the entire breadth of Australia on the red eye just to make it happen)

So I thought since I will be opening presents and swilling champers tomorrow I would write today instead.

I wanted to talk about cold feet. I am sure everyone has them, mostly with getting married but at the moment I am having them about the house. We are building a very big expensive house and in doing so will have to put our down south dream on hold for a few years.... the thing is, what if I built a smaller house, what if we took out the pool, what if I could live with a house that didn't have a dressing room and a library and floor to ceiling tiles. What if we had just a normal little house and then we could also have our holiday home down south. I keep going back and fourth, I know I need to build the big house but i really really want the little down south cottage.... please let me win lotto, I want my cake and I want to eat it too.... More lovely images of my down south dream....

My dream land

The cute little cottage - maybe not so little

The white country kitchen

And of course the heavenly New England decor...

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