Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Struggling With Practicality


As you can tell from my title, at this very moment I am struggling to be practical. I want to be practical, I need to be practical but its turning out to be harder than I thought.

Let me explain, we need a new toaster, kettle and iron. These things did not follow us from the old house so we need them. I know practically its best to buy something basic and workable that doesnt need to be brightly coloured and shiny, they are going to be behind closed doors so not on display. I know this but do you think this stops me from looking at all the pretty options and thinking .... can I?

I want to be practical, I need to be practical but god its hard! What do you think, I mean really, its a bloody kettle not an arm chair or anything ... I really need to suck it up and be good with my money and focus on more important things .... like lighting!

Its a kettle .... I need to keep telling myself that.



HMB said...

I have the EXACT same issues - especially when we moved into our new home 5 years ago.
I currently have a crappy $8 white plastic toaster from K-Mart - dodgy, but does the job and I hide it away as too embarrassed to leave it out!
LOVE that last picture of the see-through kettle - where can I get one of those?

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Helen and welcome to my blog! I am to afraid to have a look at where its from because I really really want one ..