Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Ikea Dressing Room - Coming Together


Let me start by saying that putting together an Ikea dressing room is not an easy task. Although not difficult it takes you a while to get your head around the "Ikea Way". The thing is, just when you think you have it sussed out something changes which throws you back into that blind "I'll never figure this out" panic! 


Its so bad that at the moment Ikea have this advert on the TV with a guy dancing around happy and excited because Ikea have a sale .... Every time hubby sees this ad he shakes his head and mumbles.... "as if he has anything to be excited about!"

However saying that, if not for Ikea we would not have been able to afford a beautifully kitted out dressing room like we are going to have. 

So, is it worth it? ... Yes. 

Would I do it again? ... Yes

Is it painful and stressful and just a little bit torturous? .... Hell Yes!

Hopefully tomorrow I should have some pictures of the finished units .... but for now, a sneak peak of the job - so far!






M said...

Hi Miss V! Looking great!

Did you just sit the units on top of the carpet, or cut it back? We're planning on fitting out our wardrobe shortly, and I'm interested to know which way you went.


Miss Vintage said...

Hi M - We actually looked into this and decided on leaving the carpet as is. The thing is the carpet compensates for unevenness when you are bolting them together and to the wall. It also means that if we ever do decide to remove them there will be carpet to the wall.

I would be really interested in seeing yours!