Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moving With The Times...


About a year ago we had to sit my mum down ... oh yes hubby and I made time at the end of one day to sit down as a family and discuss ... wait for it .... her refusal to embrace new technology. You see it got so bad that she was scared of the remote control, she hated the idea of turning on the security system and she wont drive my car because she doesn't like all the buttons.

Obviously we were worried, not only because we spent hours every week as "built in IT support" but also because what happens when we move out .... does she just not turn on the TV for a week.

So we sat down and had the talk, mum if you don't start to embrace technology you are going to be left behind.... dead silence followed this statement and I could see her fighting with herself .... why should she have to embrace technology, she doesn't like it, its all too hard.

However to my great relief she actually thought about it and has spent the last 12 months moving with the times. She emails, she shops online, Internet banking is a breeze and the big one ... she has an iPhone and knows how to use it.

The photo above shows what happens when I explained how to change ring tones .... "we can do it ourselves?"

"Yup, its easy"

May I embrace technology with such .... bravery? when I get older. May I never get left behind.

And to prove just how much I have just received a text message from mum. Such a thoughtless gesture these days telling me she is late, or to thank me for something. A text message that she would never have even thought she was able to send a year ago .... well done mum!

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HMB said...

Oh how fantastic! My parents have done really well in this area too, although mum is a little bit behind. Found you via B building a house.
May drop in again!
Have a lovely day.