Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Sneak Peak....


Another little sneak peak for you, My linen is on the bed. Its a very exciting moment for me because as some of you may remember, I brought it almost 18 months ago and have been dying to look at it "in situ"


Hopefully you love it as much as I do - I am nearly done with the room, there are a couple of bigger items like a mirror, light fixture and a chair that I haven not yet found but we are getting there. I cant wait to show you the whole thing - my bathroom is just lovely! Its warm and luxurious .... oh oh oh, I am dying to show you now, might have to take my good camera around to the house and start snapping!


B is building a house said...

Your bed linen looks beautiful! Love the colour scheme <3

I see the clocks are on the wall too ;)


MDZZJ said...

Get the good camera and start snapping

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks guys - B - I love my clocks but opening all the boxes I may realise I have a problem of .... when I like something I buy large numbers of it. I have stacks of clocks, birds and silver ... oh dear!