Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Latest Purchase


Sometimes with all the purchasing you need to do with a new house you lose that little bit of excitement with a new and brilliant purchase.

I have to say I struggle to get excited over bricks but my little splurge at the Portobello markets had me almost giggling as I swiped my card!

I found 4 amazing round / oval gilt frames to add to my wall. I laid them all out on the floor just to take a quick peak and I still love love love them. My biggest question is ... do I leave them empty or fill them with landscape picture done in sepia that I have taken on holidays?

I think this is one question I am going to have to answer once I see a few with the pics but for the moment ... appreciate the beauty that is round frames???

I also added a couple more I picked up .... sales everywhere in the UK!!!!
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Kelly Pelley said...

Love it! Beautiful finds : )