Thursday, April 5, 2012

Its all Coming Together

So now that we are getting so close im allowed to start thinking about furniture.

Have a look at this amazing bed I found from Freedom. It feels like it was made for our room so im looking forward to getting back home and ordering a nice king sized version. Hubby's only stipulation was that it had to be king size so he could roll over and over and over and still be in bed!

My stipulation ... I wanted a headboard and a foot board. Old fashioned ??? Perhaps but dont you think it will look amazing with my bedding???


Anette Ryan said...

Indeed, that bed looks fit for a King! Sleep well.
Happy Easter to you!
Anette :-)

e t e r n a l i c o n s said...

I spotted this bed in Freedom and loved it! I can't have a foot on my KS bed as hubby's too tall. Love all your moodboard choices; it's going to look fabulous!
x KL

Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

Love the bed. It will look fantastic. I have a white bed with headboard and footboard and I love it. Happy shopping!!!