Friday, April 20, 2012

Heaven is ... Portobello Markets BEFORE The Crowds


I don't know ... sometimes when everything becomes too much you have to retreat to your happy place. For me, that place is Portobello markets.

A relatively new find on our weekend away to London I fell truly in love with this place straight away. Obviously the trick to avoiding the crowds is to get there early. Whatever your pleasure when it comes to second hand or Antique this place is sure to give you a nice big warm cuddly feeling.

I am flying back to Australia next week so wont have much time for posting but I can't wait to show you my purchases .... so exciting.

Oh yes .... this is my new happy place .... Thank god I live so far away or this place could be very dangerous on your wallet.






Keira said...

Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

danma said...

Looks amazing, those sewing machines look fantastic.....
Stay safe.....

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Kiera - I am blown away by your comment. Love the markets ... its like a bit of a treasure chest.

Thanks Danma, am soooooo looking forward to coming home. Bring on Monday!

Anette Ryan said...

Remember the markets in London. When I still lived in Sweden I used to go to London pretty often for a long weekend every now and then (long time ago!!). Portobello market is good but I remember loving Camden even more. Have you been there?
Thanks for your comment about my clock. It's meant to go up tomorrow, if we can get it up safely that is!! Fingers crossed.
Welcome back Down Under!
Anette :-)