Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Front Of House

So by now you would know my most adorable, lovely and very talented husband doesn't have an imagination bone in his body. Oh yes he is totally stuck in the here and now and cant picture anything at all even if I go on and on about how something is going to look.

While for him its taken a great amount of courage ... see more brownie points, my courageous husband ... he he he.... anyways, a great amount of courage to trust me with the house design I do breath a sigh of relief when I can actually show him something before it all happens.

For months now I have been trying to explain how I want the front yard to look and how I want to use layers and garden boxes to make a horrendous sloped site usable but he just shakes his head and says he will see it when its built.... god knows how that's possible since he is building it but still!

Now this is the brilliant bit - a minor issue with the builder potentially having to move the meter box means all my front yard plans have come to life. If you can ignore the little wall on the side (No longer needed) this is how I want my front yard to look?

The garden is going to be fairly formal in design, lots of casual hedging type things and two lovely ornamental trees taking pride of place.

Down the side of the house towards the front door there will be a screen of bamboo helping give us some more privacy from our neighbours.

So What do you think?? Will it work, does it look good??? Its all starting to come together and I'm more nervous now than I ever was before! This is where I start taking design risks and although I'm confident that I can do it ... I'm sure there will be plenty of mistakes along the way!


Ange @ A Cream Cottage said...

I think your garden ideas will look great with the house. Just take your time and make sure you get what you want rather than substituting and that way you will be happy with the end product. I can't wait to see it all finished! Ange

Miss Vintage said...

Thanks Ange - Im agonising over the trees at the moment, I thought I wanted flowering plums but they are more of a bush and im trying to find something that still flowers prettily but also has a more "tree like" look to it. Something tall and willowy perhaps?

Anette Ryan said...

I like those garden beds that you are having your husband build, formal, different but very nice. Have you been to any good nursery to ask them about what trees would work? I had an amazing experience the other week at my local nursery and got so much help and ideas on everything. I'm going back for more when the backyard is to be done. I brought plans of house, garden and lots of photos and they liked that so hav a go at it if you already haven't. It's for free...well almost!
Anette :-)

B is building a house said...

Love it!!!!