Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where Did All The Fun Go?

So I was at the train station yesterday waiting for my train and the most perfect little girl walked down the steps with her mum and I just had to smile.... she had obviously decided to dress herself and of course she was wearing a bright purple tutu! With sparkly red gum boots and a pink cowboy hat.

And standing there in my very chic all black ensemble with tan shoes and belt I though ... when did life stop being fun. I'm not talking about champagne and high tea kind of fun (Although I wouldn't say no) I'm talking, when did everything we do like dressing in the morning or even decorating a house go from being fun to being a form of art. I love colour and every so often I will put on a skirt I own which is full of brightly coloured flowers and tulle. Why do our houses resemble some calm urban form of being "part of the crowd" when we could have something that just makes you smile when you open your eyes.

There is a house of our beachfront which is clad.... and every year first week in January the paint it a completely different colour, this year its yellow, last year it was this lovely creamy pale blue.

This is another house I found on the Houzz website and while I'm to much of a conformist to have this as my every day house - I may well just use some of the ideas for my dream down south house.

What do you think..... too much?

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Jazz and Brett said...

Bring on the colours!