Monday, April 18, 2011

Tres Chic

Ok so again with the holiday ... am so looking forward to my holiday. 6 weeks of swanning around Europe eating and doing the annoying tourist thing of stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to admire the architecture.... I have the most wonderful husband who puts his body between me and the annoyed residents taking all the pushing and shoving himself while I jump up and down over a window or roof line....

Don't get me wrong, I also do the same in front of a particularly lovely shoe store but we wont go there... I am trying so very hard to be good.

Anyways, I found the most amazing hotel in Paris called Seven Hotel and the reason I love this hotel is because it just looks so cool. Its one of those hotels that has just decided - screw Parisian Chic design, I'm cool and different so take me or leave me.

Well baby - I'm taking!

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