Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drama Filled Weekend

So on Friday I received a call from the builder - I should say frantic call from the builder but we will stop at call because even thinking about that call gets my heart racing.

So I received a call and the builder advised the the feature brick we wanted to use on the curved wall was on hold. The reason it was on hold was because the machine that cuts the bricks into those lovely rough shapes was broken ... when they asked how soon it would be fixed the brick maker just said ...we don't know, it could be weeks, it could be months ... ehhh its all good.

Well it isn't all good we needed a wall because we couldn't even start moving onto the next stage until that was done...

So over the weekend we ran through all the possible options.

  1. Wait months for the machine to be fixed - no additional cost but possible 2 months delay

  2. Find another brick - not possible, only 2 brick companies in WA and neither had what we needed

  3. Use a stone cladding - No additional delay but approx $5,000 cost

  4. Render wall and use laser cut panels on curve as feature - No additional delay but extra costs

So after much deliberating we decided on option 4 - we will be rendering the curved wall and the upstairs wall, we will be rendering both - the upstairs in green and the curve in sea mist and we will be using the screens after handover.

I'm pretty happy with the decision - It was a big one to make because in my head, I wanted the bricks but .... the saying, you roll with the punches really does apply!

The old bricks

The screens

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