Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My First Issue

We all know that building is not going to be perfect - we all know there are a few problems along the way and the trick is to try and pick up on them as soon as possible so they don't snowball.

So last night I found my first issue. I couldn't actually figure out what the problem was.... I just stared at this one space and kept saying to myself... something just isn't right here.

So anyway then I picked it.... either the stairs are too short or else something is wrong. It was the second, we had build the shower that was sitting under the stairs to have an angled roof, and you know what - they built it flat - 30 courses on both sides instead of 24 courses on one side and 30 courses on the other.

Something so simple and yet I almost missed it...

Oh well the joy of the build, at least we are moving forward

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