Monday, September 20, 2010

Too Patriotic Perhaps but.....

A month or so ago we went to Sydney and my husband did the bridge climb. I on the other hand who likes heights almost as much as brussel sprouts, sat with a glass of wine looking at all the old pictures trying to figure out how they managed to build it.

Obviously its an engineering marvel but how many pictures actually think about how it was built and then I had my Epiphany. My theatre room is going to pay homage to the bridge. So one wall is going to have a floor to ceiling mural and I am also going to use a bunch of other photo's down the other end of the room to show just how it was built.

Then it got difficult. Where do I find construction photo's... not as easy as I first though, however finally I found them in the NSW State Library, amazing beautiful pictures you can buy and use. Wonderful. Only problem is it took me 6 hours to go through the 100's of thousands of photo's to find just the right ones. But I think I have.

I am thinking of using this one as the main mural......

or maybe this one?????

What about this one?????? Its not going to be as easy as I thought.

And what about these pics, don't you think they are totally amazing, breath-taking and worth having in my house.

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