Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today is all about my latest purchases. When I was in Vietnam I picked up the most amazing vintage water puppets, they are all cracked and old and ugly but interestingly I just love them. I cant wait to find somewhere amazing to put them in my new home..... when I eventually have one. I have 4 little men and woman one of which is a fairy. I hate to say it but I couldn't bear to sit through the entire show (Lots of screeching and over loud music in a hot hall with very little leg room) but the puppets themselves I had to have.

I also brought these mini apples from an online store called The White Shed (here). I want these on my white stone tops in one of my lovely glass canisters. I think it will contrast well with the dark wooden cupboards.

And then there are these. They are little glass drops, I have no idea what I will use them for or where I will put them but I just had to have them..... I know I will hang them from the roof at Christmas with some snow drops but for every day use.... I'm not so sure. I brought these from a place called Re found Objects (here).

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