Thursday, September 23, 2010

Garden Dreaming

There are so many pretty things to show you and everything is getting me so excited but one that I am really loving is my garden. I am already planning my front yard and thought I would share some of my ideas with you.

So the main thing is that we will be having a security gate with intercom out the front, that way I wont have people knocking on my front door randomly. However I still want my gate to be pretty so I settled on something that will look similar to this but with a different cut out on the gate and a roof of some sort. It will also probably be slightly taller.

Between the gate and the front door there is only a very narrow walkway and I was hoping we could have a small narrow rendered wall and fill it with bamboo like this picture. It can grow nice and tall and add to sense of privacy the courtyard will hopefully have.

I do want a raised garden bed out the front and I think it will halve the space between the house and the road, probably another barrier but I want it to be very pretty. I am thinking three flowering plums giving my lovely house a beautiful pink glow in spring.

So that's what I have got so far. Its going to be an interesting mix of plants but I am hoping to make it as easy care as possible.

Also - you may or may not have noticed - I put a visitor counter on my site yesterday. See I was starting to think I was writing this to myself and getting a little bit depressed that no one loves me (whiny and princess like I know) but 54 hits in the last two days has surprised even me. I am wonderfully honoured that other people would take such an interest in my thoughts and ideas for my house. I am also terribly sorry I cant show you more just yet but my shire has decided its going to take its time over approvals. I can say we will have a retaining wall, a pool and a slab before Christmas so stick with me - things are happening!

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